My name is Terry Akerman. I am English and after serving 23 years in the Royal Air Force I now live in France.  I am a aircraft  technician (Jet engines) by profession  and now work as a contract mechanic normally employed in heavy base maintenance on all aircraft.

I received my plans for the Cricri in February 2001 and after studying them I thought I will do a search on the internet to find some websites about the Cricri because I'm sure I will need some help and advice.  I found one, a guy called Victor in the USA has put together some information which is very useful, but not really what I am after.

What I hope to do with www.cricri.co.uk is make it a one stop site for all and every think about the Cricri.  A focal point for all Cricri builders, pilots and enthusiasts.  A place where we can exchange information, seek advice and pass on spare materials etc.  For this I will need help.  If you fly the Cricri, own a Cricri, are building a Cricri or just know a lot about the Cricri, let me know and I will put this information on the 'Net' for all to see.

Email me at terry@cricri.co.uk